WORKING GROUP 10 Meta texts and inscribed artefacts

Ansprechpartner: Friedrich-Emanuel Focken

The working group takes up considerations and analysis of the CRC’s first funding period. By ‘meta text’ we understand “writing about writing” in general terms (following Markus Hilgert). Central to the group’s research is the question about the relationship between narrative written artefacts (meta texts) and real written artefacts. Three types of question take centre stage: 1. Factuality and fictionality: Can we draw conclusions from a meta text about whether the described text did really exist? 2. Selection and difference: Why do meta texts make specific aspects of script-bearing artefacts a subject of discussion while others are not taken into account? Are there, in this respect, historical and cultural differences? 3. Fictive and real: How do real script-bearing artefacts and actions on script-bearing artefacts (in certain societies or territories) differ to actions of writing as they are described in meta texts? How can these differences be explained?