WORKING GROUP 3 Form, Content and Material

Ansprechpartner: Stefan Holz

This working group will examine inscribed objects as to the connection between a) textual content (i.e., the information that a text conveys), b) physical and non-physical form (such as the shape of the object, the layout of the written text, the prosody of the underlying linguistic utterance), and c) material (such as clay, stone, paper etc., on which the text is inscribed). The group will explore the question as to whether, and how, these three aspects (material, form and content) relate to, and potentially influence, one another. For instance, to what extent is the choice of a particular material for an object affected by its textual content, or what links exist between the shape of an inscribed object and the layout of the written text? In order to answer questions such as these, the group will establish individual biographies of not only the inscribed objects, but also trace the development of the textual content. The earlier work done within the SFB (MTK, vol. 1) on terminology provides the working group with a headstart on the pertinent terms.

Active members

Richard Fox

Enno Giele

Stefan Holz (chair)

Anna Krauß

Jörg Peltzer

Maree Shirota

Thies Staack

Laura Willer