WORKING GROUP 5 Writing and/in Space

Ansprechpartnerin: Kristina Krüger

The engagement with the three-dimensional space in which human beings and artefacts interact is one of the topics that has already been of utmost importance during the previous funding period of the CRC 933 and still takes a key position in the research centre. Thus, it is not the group’s aim revisit the cultural theory of the concept of topology, but – based on its own findings –  to attempt the construction of a taxonomy of the written in spatial constellations, considering real as well as fictive arrangements. This systematic model is going to be extended and developed by consecutive discussions about various case studies. There is no obligatory lecture series set up by the working group. It is rather the participants themselves who decide which theoretical modelling to introduce critically into the working group (e.g. models for social space, for imaginary geographies, or for acteur-network-theory (ANT)). This also includes the proposal of historical sources revealing information about the prevalent ideas of space (e.g. texts by Aristotle, Plato, or authors from the mediaeval period).