Material Text Cultures

Administrative Text Practice in Mycenaean Greece. On the Material and Medium-Related Aspects of Early Greek Scripturality


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Teilprojektleiter Prof. Dr. Diamantís Panagiotópoulos
akademische Mitarbeiterin Dr. Angeliki Karagianni





  • Analysis of the earliest Greek texts from a praxeological standpoint
  • Documenting the transmitted and off-record areas of Mycenaean administration on the basis of select homogeneous text corpuses
  • Shifting the research perspective from the passive concept of ‘knowledge’ to that of ‘information’, which as a dynamic process embraces selecting, shaping, securing, preparing and retrieving knowledge


The aim of the sub-project is a thorough analysis of the material constitution and communicative potential of the corpus of the Mycenaean Linear B tablets, which comprises approx. 5700 tablets. At the centre of the study are the aspects regarding

  • their material properties,
  • the structure of the information,
  • the format,
  • their legibility,
  • access to and
  • mobilisation of the tablets.


  • Viewing the tablets not as a ‘source’ but as an object of study per se
  • Drawing up material profiles of the tablets, including their material, graphological and contextual aspects
  • Casting light on the various forms by which administrative information was exchanged at the interface between the written and spoken word


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