Material Text Cultures

Thematic Fields

The interdisciplinary work at the CRC 933 is organized in seven thematic fields:

  1. Knowledge & Science (scientific-epistemic field)
  2. Sacredness (ritual-religious field)
  3. Power & Administration (political-administrative field)
  4. Material Transformation
  5. Layout/Design/Text-Image
  6. Memory/Archive
  7. Reflections on Writing

The thematic fields allow for the comparison of social practices across cultures, time and space (thematic fields 1 to 3). Further, they enhance and scrutinize the theory and methods of the CRC 933 (thematic fields 4 to 7).

A comprehensive handbook on the comparative studies on the one hand and the theory and methods of the CRC 933 on the other hand is to be published in the book series „Material Text Cultures“ in 2023.