Material Text Cultures

Thematic Fields

The SFB 933 organized its interdisciplinary work across subproject boundaries in seven thematic fields:

  1. Knowledge & Science (scientific-epistemic field)
  2. Sacredness (ritual-religious field)
  3. Power & Administration (political-administrative field)
  4. Material Transformation
  5. Layout/Design/Text-Image
  6. Memory/Archive
  7. Reflections on Writing

The thematic fields allowed for the comparison of social practices across cultures, time and space (thematic fields 1 to 3). Further, they enhanced and scrutinized the theory and methods of the CRC 933 (thematic fields 4 to 7).

The synthesis of the comparative studies and the methodological-theoretical groundwork has been published in the volume " On the Theory and Systematics of Material Text Culture ".