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Rolls for the King. The Format of Rolls in Royal Administration and Historiography in the Late Middle Ages in Western Europe


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Teilprojektleiter Prof. Dr. Jörg Peltzer
akademische Mitarbeiterin Dr. Abigail Armstrong
akademischer Mitarbeiter Matthias Kuhn

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akademische Mitarbeiterin Maree Shirota
akademischer Mitarbeiter Stefan Holz
akademischer Mitarbeiter Dr. Maximilian Schuh




During its first phase (2015–9), the sub-project’s focus lay with the materialities and praxeologies of rolls and codices in English royal administration under Edward I (r. 1272–1307) and royal genealogies in fifteenth-century England and France. In its second phase (2019–23), the sub-project concentrates on questions regarding the relation of form and content as well as the contexts of production and use of rolls and codices in a comparative perspective. It centres on seigneurial administrations in late medieval England and princely genealogies in fifteenth and early sixteenth-century England and the Holy Roman Empire.

Within the CRC, the sub-project is linked through its key problems and themes, and its approach to the thematic fields 3, 5 and 6 as well as the sub-projects A06 “The Paper Revolution in Late Medieval Europe”, B09 “Bamboo and Wood as Writing Materials in Early China”, B13 “The order of knowledge and biographical writing.” and B14 “Interactive Materialities”.


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