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Interactive Materialities: Interrelationships between the Written / Painted and the Printed in Japan of the Long 17th Century


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Teilprojektleiterin Prof. Dr. Melanie Trede
akademischer Mitarbeiter Dr. Radu Leca




Within the thematic field ‘Material Change’, this subproject examines the field of tension between illustrated manuscripts and printed media in seventeenth-century Japan. It combines an author-centered investigation focusing on the diverse output of Ihara Saikaku (1642-93; Leca) with a genre-based investigation of manuscript and printed versions of ‘dance books’ (mai no hon; Trede). In the context of the subject ‘material transitional situations’, TP B14 examines the shifting meanings of the material presence of text-bearing artefacts in the liminal phase of emerging typography accompanied by continuing manuscript production.

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In this way, the interdependence of the printed with the written and the painted should be comprehensively illuminated – both from different perspectives and over a period of almost the entire, long seventeenth century. Methodologically, approaches informed by literary and cultural studies as well as art historical methodologies and material analyses will be employed.

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Questions include: how did the meaning of the actors (client, painter, calligrapher) and of the materiality of conventional calligraphy and painting media change in relation to the print medium? Were traditional manuscript formats re-evaluated in terms of their material presence? Are these phenomena comparable methodologically and artefactually with the “print revolution” in fifteenth-century Europe (A06), the Jewish Masora Figurata (B04), or even with the digital media revolution (Ö)?

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