Material Text Cultures

Forms of Time. Forms of Space. Strategies for Tackling the Materiality and Presence of the Scriptural in Augustan Literature


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akademischer Mitarbeiter Christian D. Haß
akademische Mitarbeiterin Eva Maria Noller
akademischer Mitarbeiter Maximilian Haas
Teilprojektleiter Prof. Dr. Jürgen Paul Schwindt





  • Study of the key parameters of the CRC 933, materiality and presence, as constituent categories of Augustan literature
  • Documenting, describing and interpreting Augustan texts that reflect upon this, i.e. their categorial constitution
  • Contributing to a semiotics of Augustan culture


  • The current talk about the materiality and presence of writing in non-typographical societies must do justice to the texts themselves as media for reflection on their categorial status.
  • Augustan literature developed a number of models of how materiality and presence are to be thought of and depicted in language.
  • The highly reflective genres of lyrical, elegaicy and pastoral poetry contain numerous references to the materiality and physicality of the script and thought. Conversely, it is striking how within a short space of time the phenomena of the object world are fetishised, and just as quickly spiritualised.
  • Materiality and presence are thus not simply categories of production and performance, but are also central to reflections of Augustan poetry on itself.


  • The philological analysis of the structure and details of central texts in Augustan literature is seen as prerequisite for making meaningful statements about the “materiality” and “presence” of the texts.
  • In what way do the texts that are studied reflect on the ‘litterality’ and the amount of time in which they were written?
  • What are the methods of attributing meaning that were expected from their recipients? And which are  – in the fictive, oral world of communication in pastoral poetry – the competing systems of symbols?
  • Attention should be paid above all to a prominent gesture found in any number of texts: the gesture of giving as a ‘paraphrase’ of oral and litteral acts of communication, which can be represented as quite the ideal case of a material exchange of signs based on an aesthetic of presence.


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