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Profession and Training in Islamic Chancery Practice (adab al-kātib) or: Administration as the Ultimate Discipline


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Teilprojektleiterin Prof. Dr. Susanne Enderwitz
akademische Mitarbeiterin Dr. Rebecca Sauer





  • Documenting and analysing Qalqašandī’s Kitāb ṣubḥ al-a‘šā (Morning Dawn for a Sufferer of Night Blindness) (14th/15th century) as a handbook of and reflection on the adab al-kātib (administrative culture)
  • Integration of two kinds of materiality: of scripture, text and image – as material used for administration – with the artefacts of presence, status, and habitus of their representatives
  • Readjusting the balance between the religious scholarship of the theologists/lawyers (‘ulamā’), and the profane training enjoyed by civil servants (kuttāb), as complementary and competing forms of “hegemonic knowledge”


Subject of the sub-project is:

  • The Kitāb ṣubḥ al-a‘šā as the climax of the adab al-kātib in its textual and material presence
  • The sources, tradition and reception of the adab al-kātib between the 7th and 15th century
  • The social presence and representation of civil servants since early Islamic times


  • The Kitāb al-a‘šā will be examined from a multi-focal standpoint: as an encyclopaedia for the educated, a handbook for civil servants, a reflection on the profession, a manual for social representation, and from the history of its transmission
  • Parallel to this, a social history of the civil servant between the 7th and 15th centuries will be drawn up on the basis of the adab al-kātib, historical sources, and artefactual material
  • Both works feed into an interpretation of social stratification in the history of the Arabic-Islamic Orient


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